Virtual Consults

Now available countrywide, consult with our team of experts from the comfort of your own home. You can remotely experience Functional Medicine and receive customized fertility herbal medicine from our Chinese medicine doctors and classically trained herbalists.


Extended Herbal and Supplement Consult

This visit includes a custom treatment plan of herbs and supplements tailored for your specific health condition and needs.  A review of your current supplements will be included and may be integrated into your new treatment plan. This visit is for patients looking to optimize their fertility to achieve a health pregnancy as well as pregnant and expectant mother's that are looking for herbal and supplement support during their pregnancy, for labor and delivery support, and for postpartum recovery.

Herbal Consult

This herbal consult will review the dosage and timing of when to take our Revive Qi or Awakened formulas. This consult will also include information on how these formulas will integrate with your other supplements and your current treatment plan.

Functional TCM Initial Consult

This consult includes a comprehensive medical history review, a personalized plan for nutrition, exercise, relaxation, sleep, and emotional and spiritual fulfillment, in addition to recommendations for routine and specialized testing and targeted supplementation with herbs and nutrients.

Functional TCM Follow Up Consult 

This consult includes a review of specialized lab tests, modification of your herbal and supplement protocol, and the fine tuning of your personalized treatment plan.

Comprehensive Fertility Consult

This fertility consult includes a comprehensive fertility history review, a personalized plan to optimize your for fertility including diet & lifestyle guidance, exercise, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and emotional and spiritual fulfillment, in addition to recommendations for routine labs and specialized fertility testing and targeted supplementation with herbs and nutrients. Referrals for fertility specialists, providers, and resources may also be provided. 

Virtual Healing Session 

These healing sessions include a combination of essential oil acupressure, a moxibustion tutorial, distance reiki, or a virtual qi gong session to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and promote wellness and relaxation.


In a dreamwork session, you'll share a dream to explore and discover what the dream is bringing you. You will engage your dream with curiosity, body-awareness, intuition and attention to your life stories and symbols, until you arrive at the rich truths - or the new questions - that are waiting for you. This is an opportunity to release stagnation in yourself that's ready to move (whether at the level of body, mind, spirit, emotions, or other), and connect to new possibility.